A glass splashback can not only make a room feel larger and brighter through its light-reflective properties, but it is also the perfect way to add colour, texture and personality into your chosen space.

Why Us?

While an acrylic splashback or a tiled splashback is the more traditional choice, for most people, glass is the better splashback option.

Toughened Glass’s practical features of being both heat resistant and impact-resistant, while easy cleaning and very hygienic make it the surface choice for your kitchen or bathroom. In other words, splashbacks protect the walls from backsplash around sinks, range hoods, cooktop, benchtop and food preparation areas. We offer many solutions, including a wide range of colour options, printed design including marble or stone, or textured glass.

All our splashbacks are custom, made to the design and measure of your chosen space using low iron glass to avoid the natural green tint associated with standard glass and provide an undistorted splashback of your design or colour choice. If you have a bespoke vision in mind, talk to us today to figure out how we can make it happen for you.

Painted Glass

We can produce a wide range of colours from the Resene or Dulux ranges, so there are hundreds of colours to choose from, you can even choose a mirrored glass splashback.

The use of coloured glass splashback’s, however, are not longer being confined to the kitchen and bathroom.

Splashback installation has expanded to other rooms of the house or workplace in the form of kickboards, shower wall panel’s, whiteboards, pet doors and feature wall.

Screen Printed Glass

They are fastly becoming the epitome of a modern kitchen. Create a unique focal point to your kitchen with a digitally printed glass splashback.

Chose from one of the standard high-resolution decorative images creating the illusion of stainless steel, tile, stone, wood or marble.

Or chose any high-resolution image, whether that be a special moment or awe inspiring location.The possibilities are endless.

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