Maximise limited space by creating the illusion of a much larger room, bring light and freshness to darker spaces by reflecting and channelling light. 

Why Us?

Our mirrors are made from high-quality glass of varying thickness and can be made to any size or shape. Unlike traditional mirror’s, contemporary mirror’s are treated with a silver backing, then paint coated for durability and resistance to harsh chemicals.

Utilising the industry’s latest hi-tech specialised machinery, we can design and create a variety of mirror style’s and finishes form a polished edge to decorative bevel on a straight edge or shaped piece of glass with back-lighting optional.

Safety vinyl backing is optional on all mirrors and is recommended for high-risk human impact areas. In the event your mirror is broken or damaged, the adhesive vinyl will keep the fragments together to reduce the risk of injury.

Frameless Mirror

5mm thick in various colours, with machine-polished edgework and sealed to the wall or vanity with silicon beads. Our custom mirrors are the perfect solution for creating a feature piece or tricky spaces around the home or commercial property.

The majority of our installations are in bathrooms, but in recent years we have seen a rise in desire for full height, large mirrors as feature walls or in gyms.

Bevelled Edge

Available in silver, grey or bronze with a range of bevel widths (most commonly 15mm or 25mm). Bevelled mirrors can be custom size rectangular, circle or oval mirrors with a slight gradiant machined into the edges of the glass forming a stylish ‘bevelled’ border around the mirror.

Always a grand, opulent statement piece, bevelled mirrors withstand the test of time and bring a sense of luxury to both classic and modern bathrooms.

Backlit Mirror

For a truly functional, yet contemporary addition to your bathroom, our back-mounted standoff mirrors can be enhanced with a pre-installed LED light.

Alongside looking great, a back-lit mirror casts an additional soft light to your face—a little benefit for applying makeup or shaving.

Otago Frameless Glass Ltd

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